Shopping Experience with EL-DOLL

Haven’t heard EL-DOLL before?! It’s not strange. We are a small but smart team called A PERFECT 10 worked in SEX DOLLS with characteristic enthusiasm since from 2017. If you are our old friends, some dolls with you might order from our Ali-store. For Google new policy restriction on adult products in 2019, our business on Alibaba had stopped within 2 years. We are eternally grateful to those faithful clients who are still willing to purchase Silicone Sex Dolls & TPE Love Dolls from us and trust our service, then you see our new store EL-DOLL.COM. Not only we love our dolls just like art masterpieces, but also we communicate with our customers in providing them a solution, learn and share with each other of advanced techniques of Realistic Sex Dolls. Some of us are loners, enthusiasts, and even experts keep company with Robot Sex Dolls. Message us, don't hesitate to send your inquiry, to purchase your new doll is a lot less stressful! We are looking forward to making things easy on you! Contact our customer service team today!

Sex Doll Using Experience

Our dolls are created with premium Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) or A-grade Silicone. Keep its original length and is extremely soft! These masterpieces are proven to be humanely safe. Lovely and lifelike face has been sculpted by a skilled sculptor, and skin has a natural sheen and feels silky to the real touch feeling. These dolls will provide you with an unforgettable experience. The body joints are manufactured of artificial multiplex metal using the most up-to-date professional technology, allowing the limbs to freely stretch to achieve a variety of poses. 3 holes (oral, anus, vagina) will enhance your experience with the doll. The 3D Sex Doll design lets you take her however and whenever you want her. Ready for the ultimate in love doll pleasure? The fastest and most convenient way is to buy stock dolls and delivered in earliest 3 days. Click IN STOCK and take her home today!

Free Discreet Shipping Ensure You Less Stress

EL-DOLL package include: Sex Doll, blanket, cloth, wig, comb, vagina cleaner, glove, USB heater, specification sheet each 1pc. (Dolls clothes may not match pictures… Clothes chosen at random)

EL-DOLL packaging: Plain brown carton box for secret shipping.

We always do serve for our clients with the finest delivery solution. In general, your love doll order will be shipped through 2 timelines:

  1. Order confirmation, quality check and packaging. If doll is in stock, the earliest doll package ready for shipping is in 48 hours after we receive order confirm from you. If out of stock, usually production time is about 3-5 work days and may need 5-7 work days if encounter public holidays in China.
  2. Shipping time and methods. Attention and patience to be required from you if choose sea or railway shipping methods.

           EU Stock To Europe:

           Shipped in 48 hours; Receive in 3-5 days

           US Stock To USA:

           Shipped in 48 hours; Receive in 3-5 days

           From China To Europe:

           Railway Shipping Time: 40-60 work days 

           Air Shipping Time: 5-10 work days (el-doll.com default)

           From China To USA & Canada & Mexico:

           Sea Shipping Time: 35-45 work days 

           Air Shipping Time: 5-10 work days (el-doll.com default)

           From China To Russia:

           Truck Shipping Time: 25-30 work days

           From China To Other Countries:

           Air Shipping Time: 5-10 work days

Note: Please email to support@el-doll.com if you want to change shipping method.

Reasons for You Buy from EL-DOLL Over Other Sellers

  • Premium Quality: We are a legitimate vendor and distributor for the following doll TOP brands: WM Doll®, YL Doll®, Irontech Doll®, 6YE Doll®, SY Doll®, Piper Doll® etc., guarantee premium quality from original manufacturers.
  • Competitive Price: Full confidence to get one sex doll from our store worth you paid. If you can get a better pricing from one of our competitors. We will do our best to match it! Our main goal is providing top quality sex dolls at the best price possible. 
  • Safe Material: Our sex dolls are made of Thermoplastic elastomer TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) and platinum silicone. TPE is a material with high elasticity, high strength, high resilience of rubber, and the characteristics of injection molding. It is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe, has a wide range of applications, has excellent colorability, soft touch, weather resistance, fatigue resistance and temperature resistance, superior processing performance, does not need vulcanization, can be recycled. Texture of TPE sex doll is slightly soft and the mass product is very acceptable. Platinum silicone is a high-grade imported silica gel raw material, made of two-component addition molding vulcanizing agent. Silicone sex doll is hygienic and safe, non-toxic and without any odor, suitable for shape shaping of solid dolls, skin texture is clear, delicate and realistic.
  • Personal Assessment: Picking and creating your custom doll can be challenging. Our expert staff is ready to assist you throughout the entire process of building your dream doll. Step by step double check and re-confirm with an invoice paper.
  • Privacy Protection: Our well trained staff will go the extra mile to protect your privacy. From not appearing on your credit card statement in an embarrassing manner up to a discrete delivery. 
  • Parcel Tracking: We will trace every parcel until it's delivered successfully and re-confirm with you packaging status, no matter what item you bought from us. 
  • Purchase Guarantee: We aim to provide 100% satisfaction on every single order. To view our Guarantee, Click here.

Now let's go shopping of your dream doll or contact us to build your perfect doll!