How to Dress Up Your Sex Doll?

If you have a sex doll with you or plan to purchase one, you may need to think the following tips before you dress up your dolls.

• Tip 1 - Size: No matter what you want to dress up your sex doll, try to get a larger size than the exact size matching humans including shoes. Too tight dress or shoes may be hard to put on or take off.

• Tip 2 - Color: Sex dolls are usually made by metal stainless skeleton and TPE or Silicone, the doll skin may be stained if to wear any clothes in dark color for many hours, so here is how stain color remover occurs in the market and suggest to wear in light color in most cases.

• Tip 3 - Material: The clothes to dress up your doll should not be too cheap, people always get what they paid. The clothes in elastic material with good breathability will be a good choice and reduce your time to maintain sex dolls daily.

• Tip 4 - Your Patience: It's always not easy to dress up your doll well in the first time, practice makes perfect, you may need a bit more patience to choose color, dress style, size for your doll, and slowly to put them on and makeup your doll at last looking like a real pretty girl then.

So do you know how to dress up your doll now? Hope this article makes sense :)