Heating Instruction of Sex Dolls

The heating principle of the doll is resistance heating: make the heating wire around the doll body through metal stainless skeleton, plug in 48v DC electric to make resistance heating, then to make the doll heated in some minutes. This method greatly reduces the harm to sex dolls and ensures the whole body heating. 

Matching power adapter can be connected 110v-240v voltage, which is applicable in most countries, heating power between 100w- 120w. The charging socket for heating is on the doll’s back (as per attached picture), and the doll will be heated when plug in power supply (no need switch).

Because of TPE material characteristics, heating will be a bit slow. The temperature from the internal spread to the skin surface takes about 2 to 4 hours (the specific time depending on the season and the region varies). To avoid the doll aging, we suggest continuous heating time should not exceed 4 hours. It is better to cover blankets or quilts when to heating sex dolls. The temperature is acceptable as per personal preferences. Please promptly power off sex doll when to feel sex doll is warm (the proposed temperature should not be too high, it's OK to keep the skin surface temperature about 35 degree or so.)


1. Although the doll is equipped with temperature control device inside, there must be someone guard on the side, in case of the temperature control device out of control to cause adverse consequences.

2. The matching power adapter and the back socket are not waterproof, please do not contact with water!

3. When heating, prohibited to use the doll, even the doll is 48V voltage heating, but it can not completely avoid causing harm to human body.

4. It is a normal phenomenon when plug the power supply to cause a slight spark, it may be due to interface improper, it not harm to human body.

Power adapter instructions:

Please check matching power adapter voltage and input voltage whether is consistent, in case to cause damage to the power adapter. Power supply AC line must connect the ground before using. 

WARNING:  There  is  a  high  voltage  inside  the  power  adapter. Please do not disassemble the cover and do not use it in humid environment. 

Technical indicators:

1. Wide voltage input 100-240V, maximum: 90-264V, available to whole world.

2. With short circuit, overload, overcurrent protection, over current protective function

3. 100% full load testing, stable performance.

4. Insulation performance is good, high electrical strength.

5. Good anti-interference strength, high reliability.

6. Switching power supply with small performance DC ripple, high efficiency, energy saving.

Rated input: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz  Max:90-264VAC 47/63Hz

Rated output: 48VDC±5%

Rated electric current: 3A

Rated power: 144w

Ripple and noise: <120mV

Short circuit protection: Intermittent disconnection, quick recovery

Overcurrent protection: 130% - 150%

Overvoltage protection: 115% - 135%

Working temperature: - 10-50 C (± 10 C)

Working humidity: 20% -90% RH

Storage temperature: -40-80 C (± 10 C)

Pressure test: Input pair output: 3KV AC input to ground: 3KV AC

Insulation resistance: 100M ohms

Connector: DC interface 2.1 * 5.5 * 11 (can be customized)

Supply specifications: CH standard, US standard, UK standard, European standard so on (as show in figure2)

body heating sex doll

Figure 1

Figure 2