1, Is the doll head removable?

- Yes, almost all of our doll heads are removable.

2, Can make the doll breast bigger or smaller?

- The doll mold is fixed and the size of the doll's breast cannot be changed. Fortunately, we have a lot of body types to choose from.

3, Can I order the custom face?

- Yes, as long as you provide reference pictures, but you need to make sure you own the copyright of the portrait or image.

4, If I order a doll pubic hair, is it removable?

- We offer implant public hair and public hair sticker, implant type can not be removed, the sticker type can be removed easily and we offer multiple styles for you to choose.

5, Do I need to pay customs duties or import taxes?

- No TAX for our stock sex dolls shipping to Europe and USA, TAX required shipping from China to Canada, Mexico, UK, Switzerland, Norway, Australia, New Zealand etc.

6, How can we guarantee quality?

- Always a pre-production sample before mass production; Always final Inspection before shipment; Always send factory doll photos to clients for their approval before shipping; Always track shipping status until clients receive dolls.

7, How to clean and maintain the Sex Doll?

- Clean the private parts before and after each use, dry the doll with towel, and then powder the doll with talcum powder.

8, What's your payment terms?

- We can accept Paypal, T/T, VISA, MasterCard, e-Checking, Western Union.

9, Are the dolls material safe?

- The adults sex doll material is environment-friendly and healthy, and is widely used in high-end adult products.

10, How to repair the damaged skin?

- If the doll skin is damaged, please use our special repair glue to repair. Due to airline shipping restrictions, we are not able to ship it with the doll. Please buy the glue individually from us if you need them. If large area damage is produced, please contact the customer service for help.

11, What are your product sizing details?

- Sex doll sizing details include height, breast, waist, hip, oral, vagina/dildo, anal as a basic information list on every doll page. You are freely to message us if you require to need extra sizes of shoulder, feet, hands, and legs etc..

12, Are legs and fingers posable?

- Our latest doll has hands with manupulator knuckle, and fingers are posable freely as humans. The other current dolls are still produced without manupulator knuckle, fingers are less posable and realistic than the latest doll hands.