How is the feeling to have sex with sex dolls?

Congratulations. You just started your new story if you have bought a life size realistic looking sex doll recently, no matter this doll is female, male or transexual. This means you are in for a new different relationship which will provide you with a gratifying sexual journey. These absolutely fabulous looking dolls don’t question you but let you enjoy her body to your heart’s content and offer you more than you could have thought of. For best sex and companionship, the idea is to stick to the following methods given below to derive maximum excitement and pleasure.

Take a look at the few practices which can offer you a great rewarding sex with your beautiful realistic looking babe.

A mind-blowing anal sex

There are a good number of men out there who always fantasize about anal sex and this is nothing wrong. In fact, it is totally pleasurable, healthy and normal. When finding a willing partner can be hard with someone having to being on the receiving end of anal sex, a TPE sex doll in the house will make your wish her command. You can have many rounds of anal sex with your life-size adult doll. Just for you, she is constructed to be super tight, realistic and intensely gratifying. If you are a beginner, you might feel a bit weird and uncomfortable to bang your adult doll but give yourself some time and you will know how great it feels to have her in your bed.

The best vaginal sex to remember

Want to enjoy your hot babe to the fullest? The tight little cunt of your ever ready adult doll is waiting for you. They are designed in such a way so as to give you the maximum pleasure. An experience which is similar to that of having a powerful vaginal sex with a real woman! But here, it works the way just as you want, however you want! First place the doll in a position that turns you on like an animal, then you go on penetrating her just like the way you would do with a real girl. You can even consider grabbing her tits while pounding her hard. The satisfaction that you will get will take you to heaven on earth!

A passionate oral sex

Okay, by this time you must be wondering about whether you can have a great blowjob from your love doll. The answer is hell yes! Though blowjob from your sex doll will be quite different than what you can expect from your woman, it will be nonetheless as gratifying as you want! Also, you don’t have to worry here about your adult doll getting a gag reflex.

After trying sex dolls in repeated times, you may feel kind of depressing as they do not like real women although doll is physically perfect, everything is perfect. Great ass, great tits, everything is awesome. The problem is it’s not real woman. It’s not warm and it does not heat itself. It’s not so advanced especially hard days to spend in Winter. As time pass by, this problem is getting improved. Suggested solutions to this problem is to put a heated blanket on the doll for an hour or can lube up a mini USB heater and place into the doll’s orifice to warm that up too. More than that, electric hip and suck & clamp pussy are also created for an extended pleasurable sex. Want to know more about innovative technology? Click and go for our main page to watch sex doll videos.

The wonderful thing about sex with a real person is the feedback you get from pleasing them. But in this day and age, it is not easy to find a partner who is compatible and is willing to satisfy physical needs whenever needed. High rate of divorces, physical ailment etc. leave people with lack of sexual partners, and many people are also left unsatisfied by their partners – whether mates or spouses, which makes them look elsewhere for a pleasure fill. There are pluses and minuses to having sex with a love doll. The best thing about it is that there is no hassle, your blow-up sex doll is there to pleasure you, and that’s it.

At this time when long distance relationships are facing the heat due to the pandemic, sex doll is highly demanded and that’s why we are here to hear from your story and hopefully to provide you with a solution. Sex doll technology keep changing and improved in recent years as we can see this industry is serving better for humans, I think that will change even more in a few years too. Robots are getting better, and combining that with a sex doll might be a perfect combo.

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