How to Choose a More Realistic Sex Doll?

Popularly to say, robot dolls, companion dolls, mannequins are also names of sex dolls. Why there are different names when people to talk about love dolls? The basic and the most popular function of a sex doll is to work as a sex partner for him or her or them, more than that, the up-to-date intelligent dolls can talk and even walk called robot dolls, and some dolls are looking super lifelike and realistic (almost the same appearance as someone) as a real life for the companion purpose at the time to watch TV, tell stories, and go traveling etc., and part of the dolls are very pretty preferred by specific photographers, their photos are awesome! No matter what and where the doll is going to be since from his or her birth date, a realistic touch feeling of sex doll is always we strive, otherwise the creation of sex doll with less reality is meaningless.

Suppose hundreds of dolls are winking mischievously at you, how to choose a more realistic sex doll?

1, more detailed work on collarbone like a real woman

2, details/bend/softness of back side 

3, more massive visual impact of breasts, even more soft than ever


4, more skin texture on stomach, more realistic as a lifelike person

5, new metal stainless skeleton of connector

The above improved technics are from 6Ye doll, and can increase your confidence if you plan to get a high quality sex doll. The following are the top 3 popular 6Ye dolls in our store, click to check more detail.

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