More Piper Dolls Added to Our US Stock

Good News!! More Piper dolls added to our US stock. Local US fast shipping 2 days and delivery in 2-4 days, air shipping 5-7 days from China to USA. Have you had a Piper doll? Are you hesitated to get a Piper doll? The following information will give you a guidance.

' Head and body are seamless is the most perfect doll.' This is Piper Doll's concept. Piper Doll is a professional manufacturer who makes head and body seamless and life-like sex dolls. Manufacturer insists original design on doll appearance. In quality, only the best material - Platinum TPE is used. Also, they have professional team and sophistic workers to design and make their own metal skeleton very similar to the movements of human. About Piper Doll accessories, customized wig and outfit are always available to meet customers' private necessities and convenient purchase and pay in one time. Focus on every detail to produce a perfect sex doll, and a firm belief - Piper Doll will bring people the best experience.

Introduction about Piper Doll Platinum TPE

The vision:
Platinum TPE doll includes exquisite details that makes it stunning.

The sense of touch:
Platinum TPE doll is very soft and full of elasticity and feels like a real human.

The smell:
There’s no any terrible smell.

Our client who bought a Piper Doll says 'I have a Piper doll, her naughty eyes and her attractive figure just touches my heart and melted my heart.'

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